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Prior to your order it is advised to check whether there are any legal restrictions regulating the use of a still in your country. 

You may order your Pálinka Master home stil,  distiling equipments, distillery supplies:

  1. from our webshop /with special net discounts/
  2. e-mail:,


You will be asked to provide us with the following details:
·         customer's name and address
·         contact person's e-mail address and phone number
·         name, address and VAT number, if the buyer is a company
·         shipping name and address
·         heating method (gas or electric heating)
·         what distillery supplies, distilling equipments or parts you need on top of the basic distiller kit

  • If we have your still in stock, you may buy it at our premises. You may pay by cash at our premises or by bank transfer, in advance.If you pay by bank transfer, we will send you a pro forma invoice. You will receive the original invoice, a user's manual and the warranty on delivery.
  • If we do not have your still in stock, you may order it in advance after paying 30% of the equipment's price. You will get a pro forma invoice for your deposit. After that, we agree to a deadline with the customer (2-3 weeks). You will have to pay the remainder of the price on delivery.

If you buy your still at our company's premises, we will give you a crash course on the still and on the basics of its use. The course takes 30 to 60 minutes, and its price is included in the price of the equipment. We are unable to demonstrate the full distillation process at our premises!
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