We have been promoting pálinka, related events, the art of distillation and the use of high quality distilling equipment ever since home distillation was legalised in Hungary. We launched our website,, covering all those topics in 2010.

After this we felt we should give a name and image to the popularisation of this unique Hungarian speciality, which would have real significance if we wish to promote the reputation of Hungarian fruit spirits far and wide, all over the world. With this aim in mind we established the Hungarian Pálinka Embassy. You can find the microsite here:

Even at the beginning we always felt a strong attraction to the shiny pálinka stills, just as if they were precious jewels. We have seen cheap, poor quality and even luxury stills that cost a fortune. However, we were sure we only wanted to sell reliable and high quality equipment. This was the basic idea when setting up our range. After learning about stills from various manufacturers, about their good qualities and with the needs and demands of the market in mind, we started to produce our own distilling equipment. This English language website gives a thorough description of our fractionating still called "Pálinka Master".

Due to technical reasons, our webshop is out of service at this moment. Please send us a message on-line.

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